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The Meteor is the world’s most innovative massage ball. It is a patent pending device that uses the combination of vibration, heat and pressure to relieve pain, increase blood flow, enhance recovery and improve performance.     


  • Therapeutic vibration frequencies help relieve pain and increase blood circulation 
  • Uses heat therapy to increase blood circulation, improve muscle flexibility and enhance range of motion 4" diameter allows for trigger point release to target specific muscle groups 
  • Can be easily transported in any bag or luggage 


  • Engineered with scientifically backed vibration frequencies 
  • Powerful motor with therapeutic amplitudes 
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries gives up to 90 minutes of use on a single charge 
  • Offers 3 vibration settings and 2 heat settings 


Active people figured out a long time ago that massage balls could be used for releasing tight muscles. Most people are familiar with or have used lacrosse balls, tennis balls or other roller balls to enhance their recovery. What makes the Meteor so unique is that it is just as portable as these simple, traditional methods, but with added features to take recovery to a whole new level. The vibration reduces the pain associated with rolling out while the heat increases blood flow and flexibility.

World 800m Silver Medalist Drew Windle using the METEOR 
World 800m Silver Medalist Drew Windle using the METEOR


When we first started this project over a year ago, we knew it would be challenging. Compacting such an unbelievable amount of power into a 4 inch diameter was difficult enough. Adding heat functionality made it that much more difficult. 

Through countless hours running test to ensure safety and going through revision after revision, we have finally arrived at a point where we know we have the best and most versatile recovery device on the market.  

Co-Founder Jono DiPeri in early product development of the METEOR 
Co-Founder Jono DiPeri in early product development of the METEOR


Different renditions of the METEOR leading to the final product 
Different renditions of the METEOR leading to the final product


The METEOR was designed based on ground-breaking research conducted by our co-founder Jonothan DiPeri in conjunction with our scientific advisory board. 

By utilizing the expertise of this board consisting of Brent Feland (PhD in Exercise Science) along with Jonathan Blotter (PhD in Mechanical Engineering), we were able to understand how vibration and heat affect the human body and how to get those results into one portable device.

For more on the science behind the METEOR click here.

Blood flow before and after vibration treatment 
Blood flow before and after vibration treatment


We know how particular athletes and people in general can be about a product. We used this to our advantage. We took our early prototypes and tested them with some of the most elite athletes on the planet. Their feedback was invaluable. We then took that feedback and made all needed adjustments. 

In our latest test with these Olympic and professional athletes, the results and feedback have been overwhelmingly good. We are now ready to introduce the METEOR to the world through the KickStarter community!