Instructions, Troubleshooting & Safety

A quick guide to help you use and understand your Meteor

Power Button: By pressing the Power Button 3 times consecutively, the device will turn ON or OFF.  When the device is on the power button should glow blue.  When ON the vibration and the heat settings will be usable.  When OFF the vibration and heat settings are deactivated.  This allows you to shut off your Meteor instantly regardless of the current vibration and heat settings without having to cycle through each setting.

Vibration Button: When the Power Button is turned ON the Vibration settings can be activated.  To turn on the vibration and cycle through each setting click the Vibration Button 3 times, consecutively. There are 3 settings varying in power from low, medium, high.  Each setting provides therapeutic properties to the body and can be adjusted depending on the comfort of the individual or the body part being treated. 

Heat Button: When the Power Button is turned ON the Heat settings can be activated.  To turn on the heat and cycle through each setting, click the Heat Button 3 times, consecutively.  There are 2 heat settings.  The Heat Button will glow red when either setting is activated. The first is "warm" and the second is "hot", getting up to 120 degrees F on the outer surface. This is not hot enough to instantly burn but could become uncomfortable after prolonged exposure.  The Meteor will get hot enough to provide therapeutic benefits after a few minutes but can take up to 12 minutes to reach 120 F.  As such, when expecting to use the heat function you should turn on the heat 5-10 minutes before use for best results.  When the heat is activated for 20 minutes, it will automatically shut off the Meteor to prevent over heating and over use.  The Meteor will also automatically shut down when the internal temperature gets too high. 

LED Indicator:  The LED Indicator glows red when the device is low on charge or when the device is being charged.  The indicator will glow blue when it is fully charged.

Charge Port: To reveal the charge port, simply lift the flap.  The Meteor should be fully charged before first use.  The Meteor will take approximately 90 minutes to fully charge and can last up to 90 minutes on a single charge when using the highest heat and vibration settings.  



Having difficulty with the buttons?

You need to click each button 3 times consecutively to adjust any settings but make sure to click the buttons firmly and not too rapidly or too slowly.  Clicking the buttons too rapidly may be distinguished by the device as a "hold" which will not activate the settings.  For best results, count to three, firmly clicking the button with each count. 

Not feeling the heat?

There are 2 different heat settings.  So if you don't feel like the Meteor is getting very hot, make sure you are on the second heat setting.  When on the second heat setting it may take up to 12 minutes for the Meteor to achieve its maximum heat (although you should definitely feel it warming up before that).  Make sure to fully charge The Meteor before using the heat settings to ensure the maximum heat is achieved.  

Not seeing results?

The vibration, heat, and trigger point release functionality of the Meteor has been proven to assist in muscular recovery and help relieve pain.  However, be aware that not all individuals react the same to any type of therapy.  We do not claim that the Meteor can heal any type of injuries or diseases.  The Meteor is most effective when regularly used. For example, don't be surprised that after using the Meteor one day, pain and symptoms return the on the next.  One of the effects of vibration is that it can mask your bodies perception of pain in the short term, hopefully relieving some of your discomfort.  As time passes after use, soreness and pain can return.  


It is extremely important to be safe and cautious when using any therapeutic massage device.  Always consult a physician before use.  Avoid using the Meteor directly on your head with any vibration setting active.  Avoid prolonged use of the Meteor, especially when holding it in your hands.  While generally safe, be aware that all individuals can react differently to vibration stimuli, it is possible to feel an uncomfortable itching sensation or even redness of skin.  If this occurs, stop usage immediately.  While discomfort is normal with facial release and rolling out, be sure to stop use of the Meteor if you experience any pain or "abnormal" discomfort. The Meteor should not be used to help relieve pain associated with any type of open wound. Do not attempt to dissemble, break or puncture the Meteor. Do not submerge the Meteor in water, or any other liquid for that matter.