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The MyoStorm difference

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What's at your center?

Making recovery a team sport

MyoStorm has assembled a dream team of professional athletes, engineers, and doctors to help develop a winning game plan for healing and recovery. Thousands of hours of research have been put into developing MyoStorm’s products. Specific frequencies and amplitudes were discovered during the design process that is scientifically proven to maximize recovery results. MyoStorm products are much more than generic “muscle massagers.”

Meet the Team

Love My Meteor

I suffer from chronic back pain, but I started using the Meteor about a month ago, and my pain has diminished significantly. This is a wonderful and high-quality product.


Dealing with chronic pain

I’ve been using my meteor for my back and calf pain after a 13 hr shift. It’s made a huge difference in reducing my pain immediately after and the following day.



The vibration feels great and the size is perfect to travel with and target pretty much any location that I am sore. Even my wife who is skeptical about a lot of these kinds of products loves it and has seen almost instant pain relief from being sore.


One of a kind, very impressed

I'm honestly pretty surprised at how good the product works. The Meteor is reliable and unique. Definitely an awesome experience every time I use it. Definitely worth the money.


Impressed. It works!

The vibration was able to penetrate all the way through my muscles and worked out my knots. The combination of heat and vibration feels amazing. I have been really happy with my purchase. 


Thriving in deep water

MyoStorm had the pleasure of being thrown in the Shark Tank, and the Sharks took the bait! The exposure gained from being on ABC's Shark Tank will help take MyoStorm to the next level. We're excited to continue creating creative solutions to kick pain in the butt.

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